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CLOSEOUT - Asylum Multiple Personality Mask, Small

SKU: 1013002
UPC: 051021130023
Type: Games
Brand: Closeout
Case Count:  $15.8

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Item Dimensions:
Item Width: 9 in
Item Height: 16 in
Item Depth: 0 in

Package Dimensions:
Package Width: 5 in
Package Height: 6 in
Package Depth: 2.6 in

Product Description:
  • Patient suffers from multiple personality disorder
  • With one eye zipped and one eye unzipped, patient displays one personality
  • With both eyes unzipped, there is an entirely different emotion
  • With one eye half zipped, patient displays yet another personality
  • Mouth half zipped is one identity; fully zipped is another
  • 100% spandex mask allows patient to breathe even when eyes and mouth are fully zipped
  • Neck drape can be worn over collar of patient's straight jacket or it can be tied at base of neck for a tighter fit
  • Invisible zipper on back of mask makes it easy to get onto an hysterical patient

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