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Star Performers Series Heartthrob

SKU: 1101039
UPC: 788866010394
Type: Dongs
Brand: Star Performer

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Item Dimensions:
Item Width: 1.8 in
Item Height: 7.5 in
Item Depth: 3 in

Package Dimensions:
Package Width: 3.5 in
Package Height: 11 in
Package Depth: 6.5 in

Product Description:
  • 5 insertable inches (12.7 cm) with 1.8" girth (4.5 cm) fit your body like a dream
  • This stellar cock is both soft and strong delivering the penetration you crave
  • Realistic tip and veined shaft will edge out the competition, making him the Star between your sheets
  • Heâ™s smooth and slick when lubricated; youâ™ll fantasize about him all day long
  • His realistic balls and firm shaft make every encounter a block buster
  • Harness compatible suction cup base for hands free action scenes
  • Waterproof design delivers Titanic-sized orgasms in the shower or tub

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