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TLC Go Deep Oral Sex Mints P.O.P. Display

SKU: 1030108
UPC: 051021301089
Type: Cosmetics
Brand: TLC

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A spearmint flavored mint that tingles the tongue and anything it touches. Mildly numbing Benzocaine soothes the throat, so she can take more and he can go deeper! 

*Sold as a P.O.P. Display Only 

Product Description:

  • 20 mints per tin, 24 tins per P.O.P. display
  • He'll go longer, she'll go deeper
  • Go the distance with this mildly numbing oral sex candy with Benzocaine
  • Enhances fellatio
  • Delicious mint taste that tingles down there

Item Dimensions:
Item Width: 2 in. (5.08 cm)
Item Height: 0.75 in. (1.91 cm)
Item Depth: 2.5 in. (6.35 cm)
Item Weight: 0.08 lb (0.04 kg) 

P.O.P. Dimensions:
P.O.P. Width: 6.75 in. (17.15 cm)
P.O.P. Height: 2 in. (5.08 cm)
P.O.P. Depth: 8.2 in. (20.82 cm)
P.O.P. Weight: 1.72 lb (0.78 kg)

Active Ingredient: Benzocaine (10mg)
Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Stearate, Flavor (Aroma), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Potassium Acesulfame, Siicone Dioxide , Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Sucralose 

Country of Origin: 

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