Welcome to Topco Sales

We have been the leader of adult novelty for over four decades.

Our Design

We are always striving to design and develop the newest in adult artistry.

Our Technology

We have built online consumer and retailer platforms that make ecommerce a breeze.

Our Business

We have learned how to maintain and grow relationships in and out of the industry.

Our Celebrity

Maintaining quality and marketing reputation is how we can harness the stars of the adult industry

Our Team

The most-forward thinkers and saviest service representatives make us the top source for toys.

Our Interaction

The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to listen, learn, innovate, and evolve. You are our greatest asset.

Our Brands

With hundreds of products strategically spanning the broad needs of our consumers, Topco Sales has penetrated categories with refined brands and honed product development. Four of our featured brands of 2015 are...



With lifelike look and feel, Cyberskin is the platform for Topco Sales' premiere development, integrating technology with reality.



Continual research and development of the best formulas our labratory technicians have to offer, Climax brings cosmetics to a functional level.



With a key advantage over other brands in the highly-competitive women's market, Ultrazone has managed to bridge the gap between style and substance.



The critical element of the TLC brand is to continually grow and evolve with the market's daily demands of new offerings, making it the go-to mark of trend.

Innovating Pleasure for Top to Bottom

Established in 1972 in Los Angeles, California, at a coming of age in the world of passion, pleasure, and lost inhibitions, Topco Sales firmly became the leading American Pioneer in the innovation of the Adult Sexual Wellness Industry.


What makes us who we are?

We have literally redefined the industry over the last four decades, inventing, developing, and manufacturing the most groundbreaking and iconic products, and producing the most erotic experiences possible for adults worldwide.

  • Because we have been one of the founders of the industry, Topco Sales' manufacturing capabilities are refined and streamlined to bring the newest to market the fastest.

  • Vertical development in the world of adult novelty is essential, and Topco Sales is able to continually offer the best value while always producing exceptional quality.

  • As the world of pleasure products increases and competion becomes much greater, Topco Sales manages to lead not only through innovation, but by broad consumer product offerings.

  • We don't just rely on our history of sex novelty design and development to propel us forward, but Topco Sales constantly strives to infuse leading technology with our toys.

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As industry leaders, we are always excited about innovation, invention, and injection of ideas and ideals. We look to partnerships to continually challenge and change the adult novelty landscape, and we thrive on feedback from die-hards and distributors alike.