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CLOSEOUT - Asylum Second Skin, L/XL

SKU: 1013013
UPC: 051021130139
Type: Bondage & Domination
Brand: Closeout

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Item Dimensions:
Item Width: 1 in
Item Height: 1 in
Item Depth: 1 in

Package Dimensions:
Package Width: 6 in
Package Height: 9 in
Package Depth: 4 in

Product Description:
  • Patient says faceless, sexless figures are following them from their nightmares into their waking life
  • Describes them as wearing white lycra suits that zip from lower back to top of head, like a second skin
  • Patient says there is also a zipper between the legs
  • When asked how the faceless figures are able to see, patient says they can breathe and even see through the stretchy lycra
  • Patient truly believes this nightmare-come-to-life is real; do not try to dissuade them at this juncture

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